Implementation in Belgium

The COPerformance Ladder has been tested in a number of public works contracts in Belgium between 2019 and 2023. The intention of this pilot phase was to market some public contracts of the three Belgian regions as pilot projects, whereby companies with a certificate on the COPerformance Ladder or an ambition to obtain such a certificate enjoy award advantage. The approach was inspired by how it works in the Netherlands, where the COPerformance Ladder was developed. 

During these four years, 24 pilot tenders were launched in Belgium using this sustainable procurement tool. The CO2 Performance Ladder was applied mainly in infrastructure, construction and environmental works projects. The main conclusion of the evaluation is that the contracting authorities interviewed are positive about the CO2 Performance Ladder and interested in applying the instrument more often. More and more contracting authorities are also becoming interested in using the instrument. Companies with a certificate are also positive, seeing the tool as an added value that helps them reduce their climate impact. 

Reads about the pilot:

With the pilot completed, the further application and scaling-up of the CO2 Performance Ladder in Belgium is being prepared and initiated.

The CO2 Performance Ladder in Belgium is coordinated by BENOR in collaboration with the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business - SKAO

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