Procura+ Conference training: 'Implementing the CO₂ Performance Ladder'

On 14 March at the Procura+ Conference, our account managers George Thurley and Thijs Wentink will give an in-depth training on implementing the CO₂ Performance Ladder as a European contracting authority. This is a great opportunity for parties present at the conference who want to focus on low-carbon procurement, to learn the ins and outs of the Ladder.

CO₂ Performance Ladder takes center stage at 11th Procura+ Conference

On March 13th and 14th, the 11th edition of the Procura+ Conference, where sustainable, circular and innovation procurement policy meets practice, will take place in Lisbon.

The conference is organised by ICLEI Europe and COPerformance Ladder takes the center stage in the two-day programme as one of the key partners. We are proud of that, because the Procura+ Conference shows cities and public authorities how public procurement can be used to implement changes that can make a big impact.

CO2 Performance Ladder showcased as part of Irish-Dutch collaboration for green procurement

The CO2 Performance Ladder was in the spotlight in Ireland recently as part of an event held at the Dutch Embassy in Dublin focusing on Circular and Sustainable Construction in a Dutch-Irish context.  

DeCarb-Pro: Pioneering Decarbonization in Public Procurement for a Sustainable Europe

In the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, the DeCarb-Pro project emerges as a vital initiative aimed at significantly reducing CO2 emissions resulting from public procurement activities carried out by local authorities (LAs) in North West Europe (NWE). The impact of public procurement on CO2 emissions is striking, with 15% or 230 million tons of CO2 emitted in 2020 attributed to LAs in the NWE region. 

'If you really want to achieve something in terms of sustainability, this is a great tool.'

Sustainability is a catch-all term; an awful lot falls under that umbrella. Where do you start as a company? And how do you do it? 'It is nice that with the CO₂ Performance Ladder there is one clear focus: CO₂ reduction,' explains René van der Boon. He is director of Leertouwer in Barneveld. 

Hydrogen-powered work equipment: does it have a future?

Contractors looking to make their work and construction equipment more sustainable often look first at battery-electric solutions. But hydrogen can also be a good option. In fact, some pioneers are already experimenting with it. Does it have a future? 

Ireland to harness the power of green procurement with the CO2 Performance Ladder

The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) have launched a pilot of the CO2 Performance Ladder in Ireland. The first tender has been published by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), with other contracting authorities expecting to use the CO2 Performance Ladder over the coming months.


Organisations will reduce more CO2, and faster. But when? And why does creating a new handbook take so much time? CCvD members Charlotte Pars, representative of ProRail, and Tijmen de Groot, project leader and representative of SKAO, answer these and other questions and reveal  some of the substantive changes we can expect.

CO2 Performance Ladder to be implemented in Europe

The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), together with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Utrecht University Centre for Public Procurement (UUCePP) and ICLEI Europe, will support European countries in implementing the CO2 Performance Ladder in Europe over the next two years. This roll-out of the CO2 Performance Ladder is supported by the IKEA Foundation.

Deloitte certified for CO2 Performance Ladder

New to the list of certificate holders: the Dutch branch of consultancy firm Deloitte. Known as one of the big four in the finance industry, this international company also has a lot of knowledge on issues surrounding the climate transition. In conversation with Internal Sustainabilty Lead Mark van Rijn, we get to know the company. 'Climate neutral? We are not yet. But we have picked the low-hanging fruit and we are a very ambitious organisation. So we take on this challenge with good courage.'


SKAO publishes a new harmonisation decision on the emission factor for electricity from biomass.

CE Delft research: the CO2 Performance Ladder a proven tool for CO2 reduction

The CO2 Performance Ladder is an effective tool to help organisations reduce their CO2 emissions. The sustainability tool helps organisations make their CO2 emissions comprehensible and embed reduction measures. The CO2 Performance Ladder offers the most added value to companies and governments with little insight into their CO2 emissions. This is according to research by CE Delft commissioned by the IKEA Foundation.