1500th CO2 Performance Ladder certificate awarded to Fastned

Today, the 1500th certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder was awarded to European fast-charging company Fastned. With the COPerformance Ladder, organisations reduce their CO2 emissions throughout their operations, projects and in their supply chain.

The award of the 1500th certificate underlines the growing number of organisations committed to CO2 reduction and confirms the effectiveness and relevance of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Organisations of various sizes are certified, from SMEs to listed organisations, and the Ladder is used in a wide range of sectors.

Concrete CO2 reduction measures

“We are delighted to award the 1500th certificate to Fastned and congratulate them on this accomplishment. Achieving this milestone proves the success of the CO2 Performance Ladder,” said Pascal Budding, manager of SKAO, the owner of the CO2 Performance Ladder. "This highlights not only organisations’ growing awareness of  the urgency of climate change, but also their commitment to taking concrete actions to reduce their CO2 emissions." 

Organisations certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder take more CO2 reduction measures than non-certified organisations, such as purchasing green electricity from their own country and electrifying their vehicle fleet. Implementing the Ladder leads to an additional reduction of the annual CO2 reductions caused by organisations and the electricity and heat they purchase. The CO2 Performance Ladder also gives organisations insight into the main CO2 emissions of other organisations in their supply chain.

Fastned leads the way with CO2 Performance Ladder certification

Emily Eckhous, Manager at Fastned: "Every day we work hard to help drivers reduce their emissions by switching to electric driving. In fact, we avoided more than 96,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2023 alone. In addition, we believe it is important to be transparent about our CO2 emissions reduction targets and the steps we are taking to reduce our own emissions. We also want to challenge the market and players in our value chain to do the same. The fact that we are now the first fast charging company in Europe to achieve this certification, and also the 1500th certificate holder, feels like enormous confirmation for all the hard work."

Fastned uses the CO2 Performance Ladder to identify and reduce its carbon footprint. The company has set concrete targets and actions to reduce CO2 emissions relative to the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) sold by 2025 and 2030. These actions include using less carbon-intensive materials and construction methods to build its fast-charging stations. The company already provides 100% green energy from renewable sources at the stations.

From left to right: Derek Groot (DCC), Pascal Budding (SKAO), Emily Eckhous (Fastned), Henry Dwars (DEKRA) and Hans de Jong (DCC).

More information on Fastned's CO2 emission reduction targets and measures can be found on the company's website