The CO2 Performance Ladder is an initiative from the market. The ladder is therefore not supported by subsidies or government efforts. The principle of the ladder is that all companies and organizations involved finance the ladder jointly and contribute pro rata to the costs of the ladder. From this are paid, among other things: the site, the helpdesk, further development, supervision of initiatives, management of the certification scheme, the foundation, etc.

Please note: this subdivision into company sizes only applies to determining the annual contribution to SKAO and is not related to the company sizes as used in the CO2 Performance Ladder Handbook.

Annual contributions certified companies:

Largest * (annual turnover € 500 million and more)€ 6.300,-
Very large (annual turnover € 200 - € 500 million)€ 1.980,-
Large (annual turnover € 100 - € 200 million)€ 1.245,-
Medium (annual turnover € 35 - € 100 million)€ 845,-
Medium (annual turnover € 15 - € 35 million)€ 475,-
Medium-small (annual turnover € 5 - € 15 million)€ 400,-
Small (annual turnover less than € 5 million)€ 200,-
Sole proprietorship€ 68,-
* A company (including its subsidiaries / operating companies) never has to pay more than a total of € 6,300 in annual contributions, which prevents companies that are certified in particular at subsidiary / operating company level from running at too high a cost.