Implementation in France

Asea launched a pilot project with the CO2 Performance Ladder in France. Asea specialises in sustainable procurement and has an extensive network in this field. To implement this pilot project, Asea has created a consortium with OBsAR (Association pour les achats responsables) and three contracting authorities who will work with the CO2 Performance Ladder, namely: UGAP, RTE and La Poste.

The pilot was succesfully launched in Paris on March 27 2024. Read more about the launch

More and more parties want to join to work with the Ladder. The aim is to set up the first CO2 Performance Ladder tender project in France by 2024.

For more information on the CO2 Performance Ladder pilot project in France, contact Elisabeth van Loon-Muller ([email protected]) or visit the Asea website

The CO2 Performance Ladder in France is coordinated by Asea, in collaboration with the Foundation for Climate Friendly Purchasing and Enterprises - SKAO.