BENOR to coordinate the CO₂ Performance Ladder in Belgium

After a successful pilot of the CO₂ Performance in Belgium which was coordinated by CO₂logic, our new partner foundation BENOR will be responsible for further implementation of the Ladder. This kicks off the promising expansion in Belgium. By structurally deploying the Ladder, an average annual 5.5% CO2 reduction is expected. This will significantly contribute to the realisation of the Belgian objectives to emit at least 55% less greenhouse gases by 2030.  

Expert guidance from BENOR

As the main point of contact, BENOR, and its partners, will help businesses and public authorities navigate the certification process and integrating the Ladder into tenders, provide practical advice and expert guidance to ensure the success of their environmental policies.

Patrice Dresse, Secretary General of the BENOR brand: "This collaboration between BENOR and SKAO represents a crucial step in promoting sustainable business in Belgium. We look forward to helping Belgian companies and public authorities reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to the transition to a greener and more sustainable economy ."

Maud Vastbinder, Manager CO2-Performance Ladder Europe, adds: “We are very pleased to be able to structurally implement CO2PL in Belgium, together with BENOR, following the overwhelmingly successful Belgian pilot, the first outside the Netherlands. We are excited about the impact we can reach in Belgium together with BENOR.”

Encouraging climate-friendly business

Belgian companies and governments are pleased to have access to an internationally recognised tool to assess and improve their carbon impact. So far, 69 Belgian companies have already been certified at level 3 or higher and the number of certificate holders will increase significantly in the coming period. Indeed, several contracting authorities indicate that they will take sustainable and climate-friendly business into account in their future contracts. With BENOR as an expert coordinating partner, we thus hope to make a lot of impact in the Belgian market in the coming years.

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