Number of certificate holders per year

Organisations that use the Ladder reduce CO2 twice as fast

Scientific research by Utrecht University shows that organisations that are certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder reduce CO2 twice as fast as the Dutch average. The average CO2 reduction in the Netherlands is 1.6% per year, organisations with a certificate on the Ladder reduce 3.2% per year.

Green Deal Sustainable GWW 2.0 has been taken up by a large number of parties

The Green Deal's ambition is to make sustainability an integral part of rail, ground, water and road construction projects by 2020 and further elaborates on the Green Deal GWW from 2013.

The instruments from the Sustainable GWW Approach consists of:

  • Ambition web
  • Environment indicator
  • CO2 Performance Ladder
  • DuboCalc

The CO2 Performance Ladder has been identified by OECD as a Best Practice for sustainable procurement

The report 'Going Green: best practices for sustainable procurement' by the OESO (Organisation Economic Cooperation and Development) treats the application of the CO2 Performnce Ladder by Rijkswaterstaat as best practice for 'environmental standards in procurement'.

For other recent resuls, see the page about the relationship with EED energy audit. There you will find more information such as a certificate from level 3 on the CO2PL as an alternative interpretation for the EED energy audit. Also take a look at the page about the relationship of the CO2PL with other sustainability initiatives.

The CO2 Performance Ladder in relation to other initiatives

The CO2 Performance Ladder has many interfaces with other sustainability initiatives. SKAO has made an overview in the form of a flow chart.

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