Audit: Certifying Organisations

Certification bodies

A certification body is an independent party that, during an audit, assesses whether an organisation meets the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder Handbook and thus receives a certificate. 

A certification body is authorised to do this if it is accredited for the CO2 Performance Ladder by a national accreditation body (in the Netherlands: Dutch accreditation council RvA, in Belgium: BELAC) or, pending accreditation, is temporarily authorised by SKAO. A certification body must also always have the right expertise with regard to the Ladder level, the size of the organisation and the sector in which a certificate holder operates (the so-called 'scope of accreditation'). For a current overview of the Certification bodies accredited for the CO2 Performance Ladder and for their scope of accreditation, please refer to the website of the relevant accreditation body (see here for the RvA and here for BELAC).

The following certification bodies are accredited or qualified for the CO2 Performance Ladder (the scope of accreditation may vary):

Aboma Certificering B.V.
Bureau Veritas Certification B.V.
Control Union Certifications 
DEKRA Certification B.V.
DNV Business Assurance B.V.
EBN Certification BV
KIWA Nederland B.V.
NCI Certificering
Normec NCK B.V.
Normec Certification B.V.
SGS Nederland B.V.
TÜV NORD Nederland