Procura+ Conference training: 'Implementing the CO₂ Performance Ladder'

On 14 March at the Procura+ Conference, our account managers George Thurley and Thijs Wentink will give an in-depth training on implementing the CO₂ Performance Ladder as a European contracting authority. This is a great opportunity for parties present at the conference who want to focus on low-carbon procurement, to learn the ins and outs of the Ladder.

A substantive training

The training will be both informative and practical: participants will learn about the content of the tool as well as hearing practical examples. Moreover, they will themselves begin developing a plan for implementing the Ladder in their organisation's procurement. George and Thijs will share insights from 15 years of implementing the CO2PL in the Netherlands, and establishing pilots in Belgium, France and Ireland, so that organisations know what to look out for.

The Agora training will take place directly after the Procura+ Conference from 14.30-16.30 in the Agora room. You can register here: