CO₂ Performance Ladder takes center stage at 11th Procura+ Conference

On March 13th and 14th, the 11th edition of the Procura+ Conference, where sustainable, circular and innovation procurement policy meets practice, will take place in Lisbon.

The conference is organised by ICLEI Europe and COPerformance Ladder takes the center stage in the two-day programme as one of the key partners. We are proud of that, because the Procura+ Conference shows cities and public authorities how public procurement can be used to implement changes that can make a big impact.

Transforming infrastructure and urban development districts through procurement

Part of our substantive contribution to the conference is a keynote by Maud Vastbinder. Maud leads the international implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder at SKAO (the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business). During the parallel session on the topic 'Transforming infrastructure and urban development districts through procurement', Maud will explain how the CO2 Performance Ladder can make a difference by giving practical examples of effective public procurement with the Ladder.

Agora training "Implementing the CO₂ Performance Ladder"

In addition to this parallel session, we will be present at the Procura+ Conference with The CO2 Performance Ladder stand, contribute to the Round Table Sessions and give a substantive training on March 14th. The Round Table Sessions take place during the Market Lounge 'Step Changes for Big Impact' and focus on discussions on the key themes of the conference. Our training will focus on how to implement The CO2 Performance Ladder as a European contracting authority. Would you like to register for the training? You can do so here.

We are greatly looking forward to the Procura+ Conference and hope to take new steps towards a sustainable future together with all partner organisations.

ICLEI is partner of SKAO in the CO2 Performance Ladder Europe project.