1500th CO2 Performance Ladder certificate awarded to Fastned

Today, the 1500th certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder was awarded to European fast-charging company Fastned. With the COPerformance Ladder, organisations reduce their CO2 emissions throughout their operations, projects and in their supply chain.

The award of the 1500th certificate underlines the growing number of organisations committed to CO2 reduction and confirms the effectiveness and relevance of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Organisations of various sizes are certified, from SMEs to listed organisations, and the Ladder is used in a wide range of sectors.

Deloitte certified for CO2 Performance Ladder

New to the list of certificate holders: the Dutch branch of consultancy firm Deloitte. Known as one of the big four in the finance industry, this international company also has a lot of knowledge on issues surrounding the climate transition. In conversation with Internal Sustainabilty Lead Mark van Rijn, we get to know the company. 'Climate neutral? We are not yet. But we have picked the low-hanging fruit and we are a very ambitious organisation. So we take on this challenge with good courage.'

Metal recycling and CO2 savings go hand in hand at Riwald Recycling

Riwald Recycling is a pioneer in the recycling of metal products and was recently certified at level 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Sustainability manager Ömer Avci: "In our sector, there are actually only two sustainability certificates that really matter: an ISO certificate and the CO2 Performance Ladder; if you really want to show that you take CO2 reduction seriously.

‘The CO2 Performance Ladder has increased awareness of sustainability’

Last year, construction company Eiffage Benelux certified for Level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. With this achievement, Eiffage Benelux is one of the frontrunners in sustainable construction in Belgium.

Rijkswaterstaat sets the market in motion with the CO2 Performance Ladder

The COPerformance Ladder is used by the government's Workplace Environment category of procurement to encourage suppliers to become more sustainable. With success, says category manager Tamara van Vastenhoven: 'we see that we are influencing the market with our purchasing power.'

Gazprom makes way for regional biogas in Dutch municipality of Renkum

A bicycle path made of elephant grass, blue synthetic diesel for the municipal fleet and street lighting with LED lamps. These are measures with which the municipality of Renkum has drastically reduced CO2 emissions. But in the coming years, Renkum will go much further.

PosadMaxwan obtains 1200th certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder

During the event of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on January 27, urban planners PosadMaxwan were awarded the 1200th certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder. "We are of course very proud of that," says Shirley Voermans, CO2 Project Leader and office manager and associate at the company. She and Froukje van de Klundert, designer and associate, talk about the role of the CO2 Performance Ladder in PosadMaxwan's sustainability goals and activities.

From circular furniture to greener energy: Nowy Styl takes important steps

Nowy Styl is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe and has been committed to sustainability for many years. Last year the company achieved level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder, but plans for a certificate at level 4 or 5 are already being made. ‘Sustainability is a continuous process. Tomorrow must be better than today.’

CO2-neutral in 2030: Facilicom Group goes for it and obtains certificate

Facilicom Group recently achieved level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The certificate is an important and logical step for the facility service provider in achieving a broader ambition: CO2 neutrality by 2030. Sustainability manager Tim Platteel: “The Ladder has enabled us to better map our CO2 impact. Now we can monitor it and of course reduce it.”

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro NL certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder

Total supplier in the field of coffee and tea Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional Netherlands (JDE Pro NL) has obtained a level 3 certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder. What made the do this? What measures does the company take to reduce CO2 emissions? And: what influence do the stakeholders have on the sustainable course of the listed company? We speak with Bas Stok, corporate responsibility manager at JDE Professional.

IenW is the first ministry to be certified at level 5

On 4 March, outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven will receive the certificate for achieving level 5 of the CO₂ Performance Ladder during a festive online event. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, (IenW) including RWS, ILT, PBL and KNMI, is the first ministry to achieve the highest level of the Ladder.

Van Gelder realises a thousand tons of CO2 reduction on project and measures this in real time

Contractor company Van Gelder, level 5 certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder, has developed a dashboard in which the CO2 emissions and reduction of a project are calculated in real time. The innovative dashboard was used for the first time in the Collaboration Agreement (SOK) Great Works with the municipality of Amsterdam. This week it became clear that no less than 1000 tons of CO2 reduction has been achieved during the major maintenance of roads in Amsterdam.

Delfland water authority "proud of 1000th certificate"

On 10 November, the Delfland water authority received the 1,000th CO2 Performance Ladder Certificate. The water authority is certified at level 3. In response to this happy news, SKAO spoke with Oscar Helsen, Energy Coordinator, and Bas Nanninga, project leader for the implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder at Delfland. They discussed climate ambitions, involving citizens and companies in sustainability, and CO2 reduction as the new normal.

Heijmans wants to build without emissions by 2026

Certificate holder Heijmans wants to build CO2-neutral after 2023. And the ambition is to work completely emission-free by 2026. So without CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter emissions. Good for the climate, it provides better workplaces for employees and less nuisance for the environment. That is why Heijmans believes that its construction equipment should be made more sustainable. Three Heijmans employees explain how they intend to reduce emissions to zero in six years. Electrification, ambition and money are the keywords in the story.

Finco Fuel tempts the market with cleaner fuels

Fuel supplier Finco Fuel has recently obtained a level 3 certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder. What drives an organization that also transports fossil fuels to aim for sustainability? And how did this organization manage to implement the requirements of the Ladder? Kirsten Barnhoorn (director FinCo Renewables) speaks.