IenW is the first ministry to be certified at level 5

On 4 March, outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven will receive the certificate for achieving level 5 of the CO₂ Performance Ladder during a festive online event. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, (IenW) including RWS, ILT, PBL and KNMI, is the first ministry to achieve the highest level of the Ladder.

Why the Ladder?

The ministry wants to be energy and climate neutral by 2030. It then generates as much electricity as it consumes, completely sustainable. In this way, IenW contributes to the goals of the climate agreement through its operations and implementation. IenW uses the CO₂ Performance Ladder, a measurement and monitoring system, to provide insight into CO₂ consumption and to steer towards reducing it. In addition, the ministry applies the CO Prest Performance Ladder as a purchasing instrument.


Level 5 is the highest level of the CO2 Performance Ladder. To get there IenW started in 2017 at level 3 of the Ladder; this concerns its own emissions, such as gas, electricity and its own vehicle fleet. In 2018, I&W progressed to level 4. Levels 4 and 5 also concern purchasing from the ministry and emissions in the chain.

Online event March 4: why participate?

The ministry is organizing an online event on 4 March, in which you can learn more about how the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management uses the CO₂ Performance Ladder and what reduction this leads to (in its own operations and through purchasing in the chain). You will hear about the steps the ministry has taken to progress from level 3 to 4 and then to 5. You will also hear where IenW currently stands in relation to its goals and what the challenges are on the way there. With this event IenW provides insight into the practical application of the ladder for CO₂ reduction in business operations and implementation: from ambition to result.


Prof. Gerard van der Steenhoven, general director of the KNMI, shows why it is important that we reduce CO₂ from a climate perspective. Outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven looks back on her own experiences with the process of sustainability and also focuses on the ultimate goal. During this event, the results of our CO₂ measures (the "Meter reading") will also be presented. Finally, other authorities are taking over the relay baton from outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven.

Do not miss it

You are very welcome to this online session. Of course there is an opportunity to ask questions. You can register via You will then receive a link to follow the session, after which you can add the session to your calendar. Please forward this invitation to colleagues for whom this topic is also interesting.