Scientific research: COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder doubles COâ‚‚ reduction construction companies

Dr. Martijn Rietbergen of the Utrecht University compared the COâ‚‚ footprint of more than fifty construction companies between 2010 and 2013. His research shows that the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder is responsible for a strong COâ‚‚ reduction in the construction and civil engineering sector, which is otherwise highly was probably not achieved.

The COâ‚‚ reduction of the companies surveyed from 2010 to 2013, after correction for the economic recession, was 3.2 percent per year. This while the average energy saving rate in the Netherlands is 1.5 percent per year. The COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder, which has been in existence for five years this year, has greatly stimulated the use of Dutch green energy and efficient cars and construction machinery in the construction sector.

Both management and employees involved in COâ‚‚ reduction

The study also shows that all companies investigated have implemented a mature energy management system through the use of the CO2 Performance Ladder, in which there is a structured monitoring of how emissions are developing and COâ‚‚ emission reduction is a business strategy. Figure 1 shows that virtually no energy management activity was even partially implemented before the introduction of the performance ladder. After the introduction of "the ladder", all of these energy management activities have been greatly improved.

Figure 1: Implementation of energy management activities before and after the introduction of the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder.


Gijs Termeer, COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder Manager: “Another positive effect of the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder is that employees create awareness about energy consumption and COâ‚‚ emissions. Until a few years ago in construction, the attitude dominated the more fuel you burn, the harder you work. Various certified organizations indicate that this attitude is gradually diminishing, partly due to the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder. "

About the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder

The COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder is an instrument that helps companies to reduce COâ‚‚. Clients who use the ladder for tenders reward companies that take COâ‚‚ reduction seriously with a notional discount on the registration price. More than fifty clients use the COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder and more than 700 companies have now been certified. The COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder is managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO). For more information, visit