SKAO publishes impact report 2021: story behind annual figures

In addition to publishing the annual figures for 2021, SKAO has also published an Impact Report for the first time. This document is intended to provide a picture of the most important projects that SKAO carried out in 2021, with the aim of making the impact of the CO2 Performance Ladder visible. Annemiek Lauwerijssen, manager: 'Figures do not provide information about who is behind all this work, what the impact of the CO2 Performance Ladder is and what developments are taking place. The story behind the figures for 2021 is at least as interesting.'

Employees, procurement stories and highlights

Annemiek: 'In this first edition, we take the reader with us to find out who the people behind SKAO are and we tell them about the relationship between SKAO and the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, we give attention to two tenders from 2021 in which the CO2-Performanceladder was applied, an infrastructure project case from Belgium and a project case about coffee. We also highlight a few highlights from 2021, such as the start of the further development to Handbook 4.0, the event Making an impact with climate neutral procurement, the impact of the Measurement List, the increase in certified authorities and the start of the study into the feasibility of the CO2 Performance Ladder in Europe.

Download the Impact Report 2021