New logo for the CO2 Performance Ladder!

The CO2 Performance Ladder is been given a subtle new look: a new logo is introduced in the year that the instrument is 12.5 years old. Organisations that used the old logo on their website as part of their certification are requested to use the new one.


Replace old logo with new logo

Certified rganisations that want to replace the old logo with the new logo on their website can visit the Promotional Material page. There the logo can be downloaded and used after extracting the zip file. 

New logo on certificates

From now on, Certifying Institutions will also apply the new logo to the certificates that are issued. Certificates with the old logo are of course still valid. becomes

The Climate Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship Foundation (SKAO) is the owner and manager of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Yet the instrument, the CO2 Performance Ladder, is the best known. Our website is therefore from now on. If you accidentally look up the old website, you will still end up on the new one.