Launch testimonials: the success of the CO2 Performance Ladder

To support the implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder across Europe, we present these testimonials from our stakeholders in which they share the valuable lessons learned while successfully implementing the Ladder. Over the last 14 years, the CO2 Performance Ladder has developed into a key Green Public Procurement (GPP) tool and the number one CO2 management system in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the testimonials, CEOs, ministers, policymakers and experts from contracting authorities, companies, and knowledge institutes talk about their experiences of using the fast growing European sustainability tool. These testimonials represent a selection of stories and examples from the history of the Ladder since 2009. They collect the lessons we have learned: what is needed to successfully implement the Ladder, and what benefits does it bring?  What is the importance of sustainable leadership? How was the CO2 Performance Ladder accepted by the market? And why should you implement the CO2 Performance Ladder in tenders or use it as a CO2 management tool in your country? Check out the testimonials: the success of the CO2 Performance Ladder here!

Our project, 'Accelerating Decarbonisation through the power of procurement, by dissemination of the CO 2 Performance Ladder in Europe researches the possibilities to disseminate this best practice instrument', towards a Europe wide dissemination. In this way the CO2 Performance Ladder can boost green public procurement and CO2 reduction even further.