IISD: CO2 Performance Ladder feasable for use in Europe

IISD conducted a feasibility study of using the CO2 Performance Ladder as a procurement tool and CO2 management tool in Europe. Compared to other European carbon tools and approaches, the CO2 Performance Ladder stands out for its track record of use in public procurement, its proven carbon mitigation impact, and its third-party verification system.

The feasibility study provides insights about the procurement context in 10 European countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. For each of the countries, the study provides information about:

  • Sustainable Public Procurement: What are key priorities and activities in the country? Which tools, instruments and labels are used for sustainable public procurement?
  • Low carbon procurement: What are emission reduction targets in the country? What is the status of low carbon procurement of goods, works and services, and how is this monitored?

Key observations by country

The table below provides an overview of key observations on the potential for uptake of the CO2 Performance Ladder through public procurement processes in the 10 studied countries.

Download the Feasibilty Study