CO2 Performance Ladder showcased as part of Irish-Dutch collaboration for green procurement

The CO2 Performance Ladder was in the spotlight in Ireland recently as part of an event held at the Dutch Embassy in Dublin focusing on Circular and Sustainable Construction in a Dutch-Irish context.  

Throughout the afternoon, participants heard from Dutch and Irish experts who presented case studies and highlighted key issues when it comes to making construction more sustainable.  

Alongside Irish Minister of State Ossian Smyth and Dutch ambassador, Maaike van Koldam and other Dutch and Irish speakers, Maud Vastbinder presented the CO2 Performance Ladder to the invitees engaged in making low-carbon procurement a reality.  

There was clear enthusiasm for the CO2 Performance Ladder as a practical, proven tool which can help governments to make green procurement commitments a reality, and businesses to structurally work to reduce their emissions.    

Sharing knowledge and expertise is more vital than ever to tackle climate change, and the CO2 Performance Ladder is well-placed to help harness the power of procurement, in Ireland, the Netherlands and across Europe.   

The event was organised jointly by the Irish Green Building Council and the Dutch Embassy. It was great to be part of this outstanding collaboration, and we’re looking forward to future initiatives together.