All Dutch ministries will implement the CO2 Performance Ladder

All Dutch ministries are getting started to use the CO2 performance ladder. It helps ministries to achieve the government-wide objective: climate-neutral business operations by 2030. 

18% of national emissions by government procurement 

A report by the RIVM this summer revealed that the Dutch government is responsible for 18% of national emissions through procurement. In concrete terms, this concerns 22 megatonnes of CO2 equivalents. The national government, which includes the ministries and implementing bodies, has a significant share in this. The ministries are now going to map out exactly how much CO2 is emitted using the CO2 Performance Ladder. Based on this insight, annual goals can be drawn up and concrete measures formulated. This must be reported internally and externally and an (independent) Certification Body carries out the audit. 

Getting serious 

Ivo Bonajo, program manager for sustainable business operations at the central government, sees the decision to introduce the CO2 Performance Ladder as an important step and a prelude to more action. “Through the campaign 'Everyone does what' we ask the whole of the Netherlands to take small or large steps for a more sustainable life. With the decision to introduce the CO2 Performance Ladder, the national government shows that it is taking this message seriously. I think this is a nice step and a good signal.” 

Practical examples

“At the same time, I realize that we are not there yet and our success will depend on the concrete measures and steps that we still have to take. Fortunately, we now have a series of beautiful practical examples. The system of the Ladder should help to get much more sustainable action off the ground within our own organisation. I have already seen this positive effect of the CO2 Performance Ladder at the Water Boards and colleagues from the Ministries of  Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and  Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. It is therefore important that we now follow this example government-wide and I would like to see more and more governments start working with these or comparable systems. Because we should not let the potential of an 18% less climate impact go unused.” 

Other certified authorities 

The ministries are not the only ones using the CO2 Performance Ladder to achieve climate targets. 18 municipalities, 3 water boards and 2 provinces are also certified. The Water Boards have even been urged by the Union of Water Boards to be certified by 2025 at the latest. This decision of the ministries is added to this. It is expected that most ministries that have not yet been certified will first work towards a certificate at level 3 of the Co2 Performance Ladder.