Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters obtain certificate for the CO2 performance ladder

Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters have received a CO2-aware certificate for achieving level 3 on the CO2-Performance ladder. By receiving the certificate the companies show that they are actively working on CO2 reduction.

Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters (PRCR) strive for sustainable development and are convinced that good business performance is realised when there is a balance between People, Planet and Profit. An important starting point is to strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The annual mapping of a CO2 footprint offers Selecta and PRCR the opportunity to monitor its emissions and to steer on measures to reduce CO2 emissions and make business operations more sustainable. With the help of the CO2-Performance Ladder Selecta and PRCR reduce an huge amount of energy.

The CO2Performance ladder is a leading sustainability tool in the Dutch market. Encouraging companies to do something about CO2 reduction, that is the idea behind the CO2-Performance Ladder. The CO2 Performance Ladder has five levels, rising from 1 to 5. The more a company endeavours to reduce CO2 emissions, the higher its position on the ladder. By achieving step 3 on the ladder, Selecta and PRCR have shown that they are among the leaders in the field of sustainable business.