Renkum as the first municipality to certify for CO2 Performance Ladder

The town of Renkum became the first municipality in the Netherlands to be awarded the level 3 certification for the CO2 Performance Ladder. Wendy Ruwhof, councillor for sustainability and the environment, was awarded the certificate by Paul Tammer (NCK) and Gijs Termeer (SKAO). Using this sustainability tool, the municipality aims to save on energy and reduce CO2 on a structural basis.

Towards a CO2 neutral government

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that can help the municipality in reducing its CO2 levels. For the town, it is a way to head for a CO2 neutral government. Councillor Ruwhof: "We are already among the top green municipalities in the Gelderland province, with many committed employees in our organisation. So there was a lot of positive, excited feedback and we immediately came up with applicable reduction measures." The municipality has set various main goals, including a 90% CO2 reduction in 2019 compared to 2014 and being climate-neutral by 2040. The town will also procure 100% green energy generated in the Netherlands.


CO2 reduction plan

Substantial gains can still be made in energy savings and sustainable energy. The municipality has taken inventory of various options to further reduce emissions in their CO2 reduction plan. Councillor Ruwhof: "We are already quite involved when it comes to making real estate more sustainable, but there are plenty of measures left to kick it up a notch. We also set a number of sub goals, like lowering the use of gas and energy in our offices, saving on fuel consumption in our company vehicles and materials and reducing our business mileage."


Use and continued development

The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO) is responsible for all matters concerning the performance ladder, including its use and continued development. Gijs Termeer, manager SKAO: "This marks the first time in the performance ladders existence that a municipality has certified itself. Renkum can be proud of this remarkable feat as it shows courage and decisiveness."



CO2 Performance Ladder

The goal of the CO2 Performance Ladder is to stimulate organisations to reduce their own CO2 levels and explore novel ways to further reduce emissions. The ladder then stimulates organisations to actually carry out the measures , transfer the knowledge in a transparent way and together with employees, knowledge institutions, social parties and other government bodies actively search for new ways to further reduce emissions.