ProRail remains fully committed to CO2 reduction

Since early this year, ProRail (Dutch Railway infrastructure owner) received a level 5 certificate for the CO2 performance ladder. ProRail is aware that achieving this highest step is an achievement, but remaining on top is the real challenge.

In the first half of 2015 ProRail had a slight increase in their CO2 and energy consumption, mainly due to fluctuating weather conditions. In addition, this summer infrastructure company Keyrail (Betuweroute) merged with ProRail. The energy consumption of Keyrail is still not 100% green.



This was offset by a number of measures which have contributed directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Like replacing old signal lamps with LED ones, lifting points, placing LED lighting at stations, replacement of monitors with energy-efficient models and the disposal of buildings.


Objective 2020

All in all, ProRail CO2 emissions since 2008 decreased significantly and they are well on track towards their target for 2020. In that year, the want to reduce kilotonnes CO2 compared to 2010.


ProRail wants to work more and more sustainable; with less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions. We encourage companies we work with to do the same, so the CO2 footprint of the entire railway sector is smaller.


Source: ProRail