Dutch green power is gaining ground at the expense of tamper electricity

Last year in The Netherlands companies and consuemres used 37.88 TWh of certified green electricity, with 11.56 TWh was produced in the Netherlands. That was more than 30% of certified green electricity Dutch. This is evident from the statistical annual certification authority Certiq, a daughter of transmission system operator Tennet.

The proportion of Dutch green power is therefore greater than last year, because in 2013 39.9 TWh of certified renewable electricity was used in The Netherlands, of which 10.3 TWh was generated in the The Nethelands (26%).

In this annual survey mapped much guarantees of origin (GVO) are created, written off, imported and exported. The above consumption figures relate to GVOs that were written off in 2014. That does not necessarily mean that the green electricity which that GVO was linked with was also produced in that year. It is possible to sell a GVO separately.

The amount in 2014 created certificates for green electricity in the Netherlands differs with 11.46 TWh than something on the number debited certificates. There were 32.5 million GVOs imported from abroad, but they were not all written off. Most foreign GVOs (over 25 TWh) were in 2014 GVOs hydropower. At large distance by wind energy (4.7 TWh), biomass (2.4 TWh), geothermal energy (233 GWh) and solar power (72 GWh).

Most imported GVOs still come from Norway (more than 11 TWh), which are nearly all GVOs hydropower. Also supply French, Swedish and Icelandic hydroelectric GVOs substantial volumes, while in Denmark, especially wind-GVO (2.9 TWh) are imported.

Nearly 7 TWh of guarantees of origin has also been exported, with Belgium as the main buyer (over 5 TWh). Since most programs were also exported GVO hydropower, it is not so much Dutch GVO that are popular abroad, but the resale of GVOs programs.