Tree and plant nursery as sustainability frontrunner with the CO2 Performance Ladder

Trees capture CO2. For the Dutch tree and plant nursery M. van den Oever, this means that the company can capture even more CO2 than it causes with its activities. But, in order to remain a frontrunner in sustainability, there is more work to be done. Managing director Marwin Dekkers and CSR manager Joost van den Oever at M. van den Oever tell their story about CO2 reduction in the tree and plant nursery. At SKAO, we are discovering more about the ambitions of this company to strengthen its focus on sustainability and CO2 reduction.

ABB aims for lasting CO2 reduction with the CO2 Performance Ladder

ABB Benelux works hard at reducing its CO2 emissions. For this reason, the Swiss energy and automation company sees opportunities in the implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder to structurally keep its CO2 footprint at its lowest, and to encourage its supply chains to reduce carbon emissions.

CO2 Performance Ladder contributes to award advantages at Krinkels

Dutch infrastructure company Krinkels recently announced in its annual sustainability report, that it had been awarded with eleven projects, in which the award advantage was granted through the CO2 Performance Ladder. The secret to this success? To go beyond achieving sustainability objectives with the help of the CO2 management system.

AVR innovates with CO2

The implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder does not limit itself to the infrastructure sector. The waste sector also takes advantage of the management system to reduce its CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. AVR is one of the companies that benefits from the CO2 Performance Ladder. The waste-to-energy concern has implemented the Ladder to strive for its ambitions in sustainability and CO2-reduction.

CO2 Performance Ladder reaches a milestone with 800th certificate

Five questions to Gijs Termeer, team leader SKAO

In august of this year, the 800th CO2 Performance Ladder certificate was awarded to the Dutch energy organization Pure Energie. This confirms that sustainability and awareness of CO2 emissions are gaining more relevance in business practices. Five questions were asked to Gijs Termeer, manager of the CO2 Performance Ladder, about how this milestone was achieved and what we all can expect from the CO2 management system in the future.

Australia researches feasibility of CO2 Performance Ladder

On August 1st, a feasibility study of the CO2 Performance Ladder has started in Australia. To be more precise, it focuses on the city of Melbourne and the surrounding cities of Moreland, Philip and Yarra, in the state of Victoria.

How green is Utrecht Central Station? The CO2-Performance Ladder applied

The renewal of Utrecht Central station and its surroundings is taking place at full speed. The ocean of construction works in the area of Utrecht Central will soon be replaced with a lively environment, in which sustainability plays a central role. One of the projects in this masterplan is the Forum Zuid. This project contains the construction of an underground bicycle storage space combined with a square that is raised to about 7,5 meters above the ground. 

Driving electric cars to reduce carbon emissions in the company

In 2016 the amount of electric vehicles (EV) used rose to 2 billion worldwide. However, the total share of electric cars amounts to 0,2 percent of all vehicles that were sold worldwide in that same year. The road to a significant share of EV’s that contribute to the fight against climate change is still long.

Ministry for Infrastructure & Environment: 18 percent CO2 reduction compared to 2015

Eighteen percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than in 2015, a certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder and the winner of the Procura+ Award for the sustainable tender procedure with the A6 highway in Almere. The 2016 Sustainability report by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment shows that all parts of this organisation are operating more sustainably than the year prior. Reasons include the focus on energy savings and the recycling of raw materials.

Doing business with plastic soup

Gifts come with a story at Brandwijk Kerstpakketten. A story that is preferably sustainable. From fleece blankets and PET bottles to biodegradable ponchos.

We have made the unmeasurable measurable

Renkum is the first municipality in the Netherlands to hold a certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder. SKAO spoke with Councillor Wendy Ruwhof and policy advisor Melanie Hutting about the green ‘treasures’. “CO2 reduction pays. That will win over even the biggest pessimist.”

Sustainability and the economy are highly compatible

Quite paradoxically, Annelies Hermens has only been travelling more and more since she got involved in the environment and sustainability for Capgemini. Her goal? To get Capgemini certified worldwide. Her way? Making clear that sustainability is good for your disposition. And your wallet.