Ploegam introduces 24/7 running electric battery-powered excavators

Gww contractor Ploegam, certified at level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder, has developed a 30-ton crawler excavator together with Doosan importer Staad and electrification company UMS. An interchangeable battery pack must ensure that the machine can be used 24/7. The three companies will immediately launch three battery-electric excavators: a 2-ton mini, a 16-ton tire crane and the 30-ton crawler excavator. The machines are also for sale for other companies.

If it were up to the EU: Circular tendering less non-binding

Not only the Dutch government provides incentives to stimulate circular procurement and tendering. The EU is also taking steps towards a circular economy. Europe already presented a first action plan in 2015. This month, the EU announced a new action plan for a European circular economy entitled "For a cleaner and more competitive Europe."

Van Gelder buys hydrogen-powered excavators

Construction company van Gelder, certified at level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder, reports that it is about to order two earth-moving machines from the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The innovative construction machines operate emission-free and run on hydrogen instead of diesel.

Reporting List of Measures 2019: Construction sites and equipment increasingly sustainable

Organizations are taking more and more measures to make the construction site and the equipment used there more sustainable. For example, the focus is on the in-house generation of electricity, the application of alternative fuels and the electrification of vehicles and equipment. This is evident from the Report of Measure List 2019, drawn up by SQ Consult, on behalf of SKAO.

Letter to Frans Timmermans: The CO2 Performance Ladder – the instrument for green public procurement in Europe

The European Commission has put forward plans with the Green Deal to combat climate change. The Green Deal is intended to ensure that the European Union becomes climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this objective, a road map is being drawn up with a package of measures for a sustainable energy transition. SKAO would like to contribute to the Green Deal with the CO2 Performance Ladder and has written a letter to Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has written a accompanying letter in which it endorses the importance of the CO2 Performance Ladder.

The film: Towards a climate neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands

In the context of the study "Towards a climate neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands" that SKAO conducted in collaboration with TU Delft, a business case on sustainable asphalt has been highlighted. This business case can be seen in a film in which the results of the study are also mentioned. View the movie here.

Another reduction in annual contribution to the CO2 Performance Ladder

The board of SKAO has reduced the annual contribution for CO2 Performance Ladder certified companies.

Circular procurement has an effect, also with the CO2 Performance Ladder

Together with Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and the environmental consultancy CE Delft, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has developed a method to determine the effect of circular procurement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving resources.

A look back at the CO2 Performance Ladder in 2019

For the CO2 Performance Ladder, 2019 was dominated by opportunities, impact and growth. From the start of the sustainability instrument in 2010, 950 certificates have now been obtained. Nearly 150 new registrations were added in 2019 and a total of eight governments were certified. More governments will follow when we look forward to the award of the 1000th certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder in 2020!

Bridge builder goes for sustainable printer to save CO2

Haasnoot Bruggen is certified at level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. After making the electricity more sustainable, the bridge builder started looking for other measures to reduce CO2 and reduce the environmental impact of the organization. That is why Haasnoot Bruggen ended up with Basic Office Solutions, a company that offers sustainable printing solutions and thus saves 92 percent CO2 emissions. SKAO spoke with both Haasnoot Bruggen and Basic Office Solutions about this energy-saving printing technique.

The municipality of Arnhem fulfills an exemplary role in sustainability with the CO2 Performance Ladder

The municipality of Arnhem has recently obtained a certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder. With this, the municipality strives to fulfill its exemplary role in the transition to green energy and sustainability. A certificate on the Ladder makes it possible to manage CO2 reduction both within business operations and on projects.

Arnhem is the first large Dutch municipality to receive a certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder

From the TÜV Certifying Institute, the directors of the municipality of Arnhem, labor development company Scalabor and Sportbedrijf Arnhem today received an official certificate confirming that they are taking significant steps to reduce CO2 emissions in their business operations. This makes Arnhem the first large municipality in the Netherlands to receive such a certificate. Arnhems ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% in 2023 compared to 2018.