Revised harmonisation decision on renewable fuels in aviation

SKAO publishes a renewed harmonisation decision on renewable fuels in aviation. This harmonisation decision is relevant for certificate holders participating in renewable fuels programmes through which they reduce their aviation emissions. Harmonisation decisions are a further interpretation of certain requirements in Manual 3.1. These are also normative.

The two main changes from the previous harmonisation decision (from 2021) are as follows:

  • It is no longer allowed to reduce the enhanced greenhouse effects of high-altitude emissions with renewable fuels. Indeed, for these effects, it does not matter whether these emissions are caused by fossil or renewable fuels. The consequence of this change is that emission reductions can be significantly lower.
  • The second change concerns a change in the calculation method. This states that an emission factor per litre of renewable fuel must now be used instead of a percentage reduction. This improvement is possible because from January '23 a factor per litre will be published for the first time on If you were already participating in such a fuel programme, it is important to note that this change also affects your reference year (it is a method change) and that you have six months to make this change.

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