• Audit

    An audit for the CO2 Performance Ladder is a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining an image of the organization's CO2 performance and assessing it objectively to determine the extent to which the requirements of the CO2 Performance ladder are met.

    During the certification process, an organization prepares for the audit (ladder assessment). This means that the organization compiles a portfolio with which it demonstrates that it meets the general requirements and the requirements from the audit checklist and the CO2 Performance Ladder (Chapter 6 of Handbook 3.1). From level 3, an organization must draw up an emission inventory. Chapter 5 of Handbook 3.1 contains information about this emission inventory and the associated CO2 emission factors. During the fourth step of the certification process, the organization itself evaluates, before the Ladder CI comes by, whether it is ready for the ladder assessment. Section 6.1 describes how the organization can carry out this check. The final step of the certification process is the ladder assessment. A Ladder CI assesses the organization by means of an audit (step 5). After a successful ladder assessment, the Ladder CI will issue a CO2 awareness Certificate. Chapter 7 of Handbook 3.1 contains all information about certification in accordance with the CO2 Performance Ladder.