Dutch construction company develops world’s first machine that produces circular concrete

The Dutch construction company Rutte Groep and the circular networking organization New Horizon Urban Mining have launched the world’s first installation that distills and reclaims cement from old concrete materials.

The Smart Liberator

The production of concrete leads to an enormous amount of carbon emissions. This is mainly caused by the use of cement to create concrete. According to the networking organization New Horizon Urban Mining, the worldwide production of cement is responsible for the same amount of CO2 that is emitted by all logistical processes. For this reason, the networking organization collaborates with Rutte Groep to develop an effective solution: the Smart Liberator, a machine that reclaims cement from old concrete materials.

‘Freement’ and circular concrete

The cement that is reclaimed from old concrete becomes a product that the creators of the Smart Liberator call ‘Freement’. This process enables the organizations to not only re-use old concrete as a foundation for roads, but also to create new concrete by using the reclaimed cement. The Smart Liberator separates the components of concrete, such as sand, gravel and cement. These reclaimed components are then reused in the construction process and stimulates the developments of circular concrete. “We literally reclaim value from concrete, which I think makes it possible to offer a solution for building owners to dismantle old buildings in a circular manner”, says Michel Baars, owner of New Horizon Urban Mining, in a press release.

Circular economy

The machine has been thoroughly tested and after the launch, it will be used in all projects of New Horizon that requires the dismantling of old buildings and concrete. The launch of the Smart Liberator and Freement was supported by the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. Baars: “It is great that André Kuipers was willing to support us during the launch of our system. As an astronaut, he understands and communicates the importance of a fundamental transition towards a circular economy. His observations as an astronaut are impressive.”

Source: New Horizon Urban Mining