The film: Towards a climate neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands

In the context of the study "Towards a climate neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands" that SKAO conducted in collaboration with TU Delft, a business case on sustainable asphalt has been highlighted. This business case can be seen in a film in which the results of the study are also mentioned. View the movie here.

Sustainable asphalt

In the above video "Understanding the green business case" of the Top Sector Energy, a business case of sustainable asphalt has been highlighted. Marjolein van der Klauw, sustainable procurement consultant at Rijkswaterstaat and Theo Baggerman, KAM (Quality, Labor and Environment) manager at Dura Vermeer, talk about what is now possible to realize sustainable asphalt in projects. Together, Rijkswaterstaat and Dura Vermeer were involved in the research project "Towards a climate-neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands". View the video.

Climate neutral infrastructure

To meet the Paris climate objectives, the Netherlands must become climate neutral. This also applies to the infrastructure sector. Efforts should be made for innovations and measures to accelerate the transition to climate neutrality, but it was unclear what these are. Moreover, it is difficult for both clients and contractors to work together in the chain to translate these innovations. The proposed from the research project "Towards a climate neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands" and the above business case show that it is possible.

In addition to generating chain cooperation to realize a climate-neutral infrastructure, in this project SKAO has described in this project which scenarios and transition paths are realistic for a climate-neutral infrastructure sector, with the focus on asphalt, diesel, concrete and steel. Support is created within the sector and the results of the research are translated into practical guidelines for companies and clients in the infrastructure sector, via the CO2 Performance Ladder.

The research project is an MVI-Energy project, part of the Topsector Energy-wide ambition to contribute to accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy supply, as part of the development towards a sustainable society.

Are you working on a CO2-reducing and / or circular innovation that contributes to a climate-neutral infrastructure sector? We are curious! We would like to hear from